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I love this sport! 
A couple of years ago, who would have ever thought that women would be paid for brawling, just like men have been for years.
    The first time I walked into Gleason's gym in Brooklyn (taking wrestling lessons to teach my staff) I was shocked to see how many tough women were there sweating, grunting and slamming the heavy bag. I knew this would be huge because it seemed like every other day a different sports film crew was doing a story on female boxing.

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Growing Woman -- our short fiction story of a small woman transformed in to a fighting machine.
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As a personal trainer, I can assure you that these women were getting the best workouts of their lives. The women were jumping rope fast and furiously as I watched their quads flex and bulge.
     Others were working abs to be ready to take the body punches that were being thrown at them. Ripped abs, perfect six packs everywhere. Women hitting the speed bag fast and furiously, sweat dripping down their faces, biceps pumped.
     Recently, the women's boxing undercard has blown away many of the main male events on HBO and Showtime boxing cards.  Women boxers do not hold back, are not afraid to take a hard punch, contrary to popular belief!

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